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Food & Market Tours

Our Food Tours are probably the closest thing you will find to a "crash course" on portuguese cuisine! During our Classic Food Tour you will visit 4 different restaurants/taverns in the Algarve, and taste around 10 of the most traditional dishes in Portugal.

Eating in the Algarve can be an unforgettable experience!
Discover a little bit more about the charming Algarve, its small streets and its secrets.  Different stories from a long ago, typical places, the real locals, several samples and time to take pictures.

The Classic Food Tour is also perhaps one of the best ways to discover the culture. Our local guides will take you into a journey during 3h00m on the fascinating historical and ancient part of the city, with real neighbourhoods, local history, architecture and city culture.

Our stops are places where the Portuguese go to taste, eat or drink in a relaxed environment. Perfect to be your first contact with the Algarve where we will give you all the information, knowledge and tips to discover this beautiful part of Portugal.

For Market lovers, we also combine a visit to local Markets, such as the hidden gem of the south, Olhão, and of course the Lagos Market , with a classic food tour afterwards :) Great value for money!


This combined food experience allows for a deeper insight in local habits and traditions and a chance to buy local products with the help of our team. Mornings only!

Highlights: Includes four tasting stops, 10 dishes (with drinks!) along with a cultural and historical tour of the city. Guided visit to the Market in the mornings; Lagos and Olhão only.  **We can cater for Celiac's and lactose intolerance,  just let us know in advance!


Locations: Lagos | Faro | Olhão

Duration: 3h30m 
Prices: From 84€ person

Market & Food Tours

10:30AM in Olhão

11:30AM in Lagos

Classic Food Tours 

6PM in Lagos & Faro

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