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Wine Experience

A still relatively unknown wine region you will be surprised to know that wines love the Algarve for the same reasons we do: hot days, cool nights and over three thousand hours of sunshine a year! 


For our wine experience join us for a small walking tour of Lagos as we discover why the Algarve has become a serious contender for boutique wines in Portugal.


We will go off the beaten track to enjoy the hidden streets of the city, see where locals live and enjoy local wine. Here you will enjoy your first tasting of wine.


Afterwards, we will head to an amazing private estate, home to one of the only fully organic wineries in the region. There, a brief history of the estate and Algarvian wine awaits as well as a journey through natural wines begins.


A home made meal is prepared for you as we it down for lunch with a view over the gorgeous organic vineyard. We will tell you about the history of the food you will be having while you taste (generous amounts of) the lovely estate wine.


At the end of our lunch you will have a chance to buy some of the wines of the estate - with a limited production of  only 10,000 bottles a year - and we head back  to Lagos ending the tour and this experience.

Duration: 4h00m
Price: From 95€

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

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